How to become a partner of the company Terminus?

Як стати партнером компанії Terminus?

Partnership with LLC "Cisco systems" and benefits for partners

This is an opportunity to become the owner of a new successful format of the salon, which has already proven itself as an effective business option interior interior doors and interiors in the cities of Ukraine and abroad.

For our partners we offer the opening of the salon "Terminus" on favourable terms, implementing this support:

  1. Assistance in the choice of venue
  2. the
  3. Free design project of interior
  4. the
  5.  Financial investment in the form of significant discounts on floor samples and partial payment signs of the cabin.
  6. the
  7. The total advertising budget
  8. the
  9. Provide special best competitive prices
  10. the
  11. Provision of related goods on the terms of responsible storage
  12. the
  13. Aid in the successful launch and ongoing support in the monitoring of the work of the salon.
  14. the
  15. Staff training: training in salons Kiev, seminars, trainings.
  16. the
  17. Support marketing services.
  18. the
  19. Branding in Your city.
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