Technology of production

In the manufacture of interior doors uses advanced technology that fully meet the national quality standard.

Correct moisture content

Cutting board is dried on the teritory of plant . Timber is dried in special drying chambers to the humidity of 8-10%. Dried to the needed moisture content  board is supplied to the workshop to the board cutting machine, where all of defects are removed (such as knots, blue stains, rot).

All blanks undergo several stages of culling (complete removal of defects, knots, rot, etc.)

Micro thorn technology

One of the advanced technologies used in the production process is the bonding of pieces to the correct size, using micro thorns . It can significantly improve the strength and durability of the structure. Squared beam is glued with special glue for wood, then bonding under the highest pressure around the perimeter on the bonding press.

High-temperature bonding

Gluing of workpieces is made using a glue which becomes liquid at a temperature of 130 C. At this temperature the workpieces are strongly bonded together.

Then, there is the process of coating blanks with natural wood veneer. Bonding is also provided with a special adhesive at a temperature of 100-110 ° C in press.


The production of «TERMINUS» doors involves a handwork. Cause we very carefully create each item of door designs for our consumers.

Professional cover

Doors are mounted on special designs . Painter tones the door to the needed colour. Doing this operation master moves from the start of door to the end, and then returns in the opposite direction, overlapping the previously applied layer of 1 /3. These steps are repeated as long as door and the edge will not be fully varnished. Then the operator moves to the other side and do the second coating of door with varnish. Further we compare the colour of the painted door with the colour on the template and if necessary, bring to needed condition.