Mission, principles and values


«TERMINUS» is a successful enterprise that is developing steadily in the domestic market. The «TERMINUS» team consists of active, strong and confident in their abilities  people. We are grow up, go ahead. We always improving and clearly see the result.

«TERMINUS» is positive and open. It is a stable and reliable support for partners, "transparent" and true book for the consumers.

Our mission is to provide our consumers a reliable protection of its space by high-quality interior doors. The «TERMINUS» doors isn't the only way to feel the comfort, convenience and protection for your home. But also, this is excellent functional characteristics: the high quality of wood, excellent sound insulation, flexibility to different climatic conditions.


Full ecology

«TERMINUS» is exceptionally clean brand. The ecological line runs through the entire process. From environmentally friendly production to pure reputation and communications policy. We are frank and honest with the consumers. In producing our product, we use natural raw materials, excluding various artificial materials.  «TERMINUS» naturalness isn't only the production of doors with natural wood, but also is using the high-quality finishing materials produced in Europe, which are safe for human health. In addition, the complete cycle of production allows the company to care for the environment through the use of processed products as fuel for further production

Black on White

The principle of "black on white" reflects our approach to business. We are straightforward and concrete in our goals and plans. Accuracy as "black on white" is written this is our vision for the business relationship

Responsible cooperation

We take full responsibility for our partners. We are stable and straightforward in our vision for the business relationship. «TERMINUS» is a reliable support for each partner.

No limits to perfection

We never stop. Always improve, grow and move forward. We make concludes from the past. "Today is good - tomorrow is better" is the key to success!


  • Reputation
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Stability
  • Professionalism