Installation of door units shall be carried out by specialized construction companies. End of installation works must be confirmed act of acceptance of works , executed in the prescribed manner. It is recommended to put the door leaf to the room where will be mounted for 3-4 days to align the parameters of humidity and temperature.

Operation regulations

Operation of door units is allowed indoors with humidity not over 65 %, at a temperature of 15̊ C to 30̊ C. Operation is possible only in an upright position

Storage and transportation

To prevent deformation (deflection) door leaf it should be stored horizontally on hard pallets with pads in a dry ventilated area. Door unit shall not be exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures and wet.

The main stages of installation of door units

Cut a door frame according to the door sizes. Install spacers that prevent deformation of the box. Compare vertical position of racks with horizontal position of jumpers and set the appropriate clearances with wedges, gaskets and building instrument for taking of surface.